Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Peacock - Tropicana Dance Costume

Curtains by Shino&KCR *Pay* --- Boots by All-About-Style

This costume is based on the dance wear of the famous Cuban Tropicana Club cabaret show. It is wonderful show that you should definitely see if you visit Havana.

Hair on the left by Anubis360 --- Hair on the middle by Newsea (Aphrodite) --- Hair on the right by EA

The mesh body is decorated with pearls and peacock feathers and comes with 3 variations.

The peacock and ostrich feather headdress is an accessory with 3 variations. It is a low poly item that uses transparency. Don't use other accessories with it - the textures will get blurry and due to transparency it will look horrible. I also overlapped the UV mapping, so it may look messed up in CAS. Sorry, but I just wanted those texture details! There are also some little transparency issues on the back of the headdress, but they should be small enough to live with.

The headdress accessory is mean to be used AWT Hat Control, which lets you move and resize it so that you can use it with different hairs. You will want to get the Hat Control, as there will be a gap between hair and headdress.


Tutorials and tips - Anubis360, Bloomsbase, CmarNYC
Poses - IMHO, Yuki

The real life costume and inspiration - Tropicana Club, Havana - Cuba
Real life feathers - Eskay (online shop)

Textures - CG Textures
Textures and brushes - Obsidian Dawn
Gimp HighPass filter and NormalMap plugin 


  1. This is absolutely AMAZING!:D
    I've been wanting something like this!

  2. Connection failed
    Server unavailable.
    oh no
    please make it available again....
    my sims and i love this costume!!!! it is fantastic!!!


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