Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY: Scar Your Sims

This download is for MissAnne, author of Sims 3 story Dark Heresy. Her pictures are breathtaking and the story is really captivating.

The download today is 2 tattoo scars complemented with a tutorial on creating them. The task is very easy and you will have your custom sim scars in half an hour (+ what it takes to start up the game twice and download the needed tools). So go ahead and create your first custom content today!

To tattoo sim's face, download Tattoo Locations mod from NRaas or MTS

and click read more to see the tutorial

Male Bondage Wear

This bondage set is for Yangthecat, who is the author of captivating story We Are Stardust. When you start reading her stories, you just cannot stop! The model is Justin, one of the characters in We Are Stardust. Yangthecat, thanks for loaning him.

This bondage clothing set actually exists in real life and you can buy it from Bondage Fetish Store. If you are under 18, don't click the link!

Peacock - Tropicana Dance Costume

Downtown Roles Guide

A Tippler in a bar
This guide helps you get most out of the Downtown Roles and teaches you how to customize them.

Recommended Mods
Tippler's Bottle - Tippler/Hang Around
Dancer's Stage - Dancer/Exotic Dancer
Courtesan's Perfume - Courtesan/Mistress 
Activating The Role
Assigning a Sim to a Role (NRaas Register)
Customizing the Sim in Role (NRaas MC)

Downtown Roles

Are you tired of being alone in your bars and other venues? Would you like more entertainment than a lone pianist? Downtown Roles to the rescue! Place a role giving object to your community lot, and a townie will arrive to fulfill the role. With these 3 role giving object you will get a Dancer, Exotic Dancer, Tippler, Hang Around and Courtesan/Courter to enrich your gameplay.

Courtesan's Perfume - Tippler's Wine Bottle - Dancer's Stage (Socket Cover)

***These objects are in testing***

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