Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Downtown Roles

Are you tired of being alone in your bars and other venues? Would you like more entertainment than a lone pianist? Downtown Roles to the rescue! Place a role giving object to your community lot, and a townie will arrive to fulfill the role. With these 3 role giving object you will get a Dancer, Exotic Dancer, Tippler, Hang Around and Courtesan/Courter to enrich your gameplay.

Courtesan's Perfume - Tippler's Wine Bottle - Dancer's Stage (Socket Cover)

***These objects are in testing***

AnySim Ivy

When you find a bug or get an improvement idea, you can go to Virtual Artisan Issue Tracker or  MTS Testing Thread to report your findings. If you want to help in testing specific bug fixes, please see a list of fixes that need verification. The Issue Tracker also lets you vote (give stars) to the corrections/improvements that you'd love to have and notifies you by email when they are ready.

The Role Guide will explain how to use and customize the roles. Here is an example of how I'm using them.

I'm still playing Aspen Islands and one of my favorite places there is the abandoned diner that now hosts a vampire bar called Black Sun. Is is a great place to be, but it has some shortcomings - there are rarely any vampires and I'm plain tired of hearing the pianist play. It just does not fit the atmosphere.

So I changed the stage a bit, ditched the musical instruments and added a twice per night dance show.

Top by Saliwa *Pay* --- Shorts by Saliwa *Pay* --- Boots by LemonLeaf --- Bracelet by Lore

I first tuned the show so that she ends the show wearing lingerie, but then changed my mind. Stripping did not fit the atmosphere any better than piano playing. But here is how the show used to end.

Lingerie by Icia --- Sandals by Gosik *Pay*

To make the bar more interesting, I also added a vampire regular. I don't know what EA was thinking when they made the vampire bar to open at 2 pm, so in order to keep him alive I tuned the role so that he arrives after dark. As you can see, the human bar maid is already getting tired of this stories.

Corset by Saliwa --- Accessory top by Icia *Pay* --- Pants by ???

We have now seen Tippler's Wine Bottle and Dancer's Stage in action, but what about the Courtesan's Perfume? Well, meet Ivan. When Ivan was young petty criminal, he dreamed of owning the Short Ivan's Pub nearby. But I downloaded a mobster career from NRaas and that never happened. Ivan does gigs for the local mafia and ended up living in the sewer where he used to store his "stuff". Worse, a wandering vampire found his place and took over the best rooms. Now Ivan is old, grumpy and lonely.

Arch by Cyclonesue *Pay* ---  Wall pattern by Ayyuff *Pay* --- Ladder by me 

Fortunately there is place nearby, called The Warehouse. It is a club built in an old warehouse complex and Miuki has left some of the buildings empty so that I was able add some beds there to enlarge the business.

Leather skirt by lovely Wiktoria Von Frege --- Boots by LemonLeaf 

Filthy old man he is, Ivan likes young girls. He makes a deal and no-one notices as they leave the club to finish their business. 

Tattoo by Lore


Usage: Place the role giving object to a community lot
CTRL+SHIFT+Click in Build/Buy mode to tune the role
Mod type: Scripted Objects, non-core mod
Catalog location: Entertainment - Hobbies&Skills
Study - Hobbies&Skills
Required EPs: Late Night
Known conflicting mods: None
Known Issues: These guys believe they are Musicians/Pianists and the game will too
If you edit community lot while role giving objects are in, role sim will be changed
More Issues in Issue Tracker  
Locales: English only


As always, I could not have done this without the help of others.

All the people hanging out at SimLogical chat for help and ideas, especially:
Inge for the idea of the "Bar Regular" and lots of advice
Peter for fixing SmoothJazz so that I could get the animations right
Leefish for help and tutoring on slots and statemachines
Buzzler, CmoMoney

but I also want to thank:
Twallan - I did peek inside your mods


  1. This sounds AH-MAZ-ING!

  2. My clubs are amazing using these! Thanks so much for the hard work! Do we need an update in order to use them with the 1.38 update? I don;t want to crash my game. Thanks in advance for your help.

  3. After I installed seasons,exotic dancer stage doesn't work anymore.Dancer doesn't appear in a bar....please fix this :(

  4. Hi there, thanks for the awesome mods, but I have a couple of issues. When my male sim tries to engage the services of the courtesan, she instantly shows as his girlfriend in the relationship panel? And the dancer stage is spawning many dancers outside the bar, which I have to kill off using Mastercontroller. Is it something I'm doing wrong, or is it the mod?

  5. I hope these mods will be updated for the latest patches

  6. Hi, I currently have patch 1.50 for University Life, and the Dancer's stage no longer works in the game at all, I really love this, have been using it for a while, It would really be great if you updated it for the latest patch, thank you so much!

  7. Hi, would it be possible to use the pole dance animation found in the link below with the exotic dancer? I think they would work very well together.

    Link for reference:

    1. @JWallace25, you can use that animation with this stripper pole: and this mod that adds interactions to the pole:;sa=view;down=499

  8. Omg,when the roles will be updated?It doesn't work long before,and it not updated so far

  9. Any plans to ever update these mods or should we just give up?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. For anyone still looking, an updated version of the exotic dancer mod can be found here:

      @JWallace25, you can use that animation with this stripper pole: and this mod that adds interactions to the pole:;sa=view;down=499

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  13. I tried to download your mod today and i clicked the link and it let to a website that Norton Security says is malicious. Any ideas?